Network Lite Access Control


Here you can register your Game Console for use on the network.

Please note: you must connect your game console directly to your network outlet. Routers are not allowed. Please refer to the Network Lite Fair Usage and Security Policy

  • Plug your game console into your network point, with an ETHERNET CABLE, and switch it on

  • If there are two network outlets in your room, usually only one will work, try them both.
  • You will then need details of your MAC address. Information can be found on the Online Gaming page

  • Enter your UCLan username and password (You must already be registered as a Network Lite User Network Lite Registration)

  • Enter the MAC address of your game console - USE COLONS not dashes, e.g. 11:22... not 11-22...

  • Select your Console Device Type

  • Select the Register button to complete the process

e.g. AA:BB:CC:11:22:33

For help contact LIS Customer Support:-, 01772 89 5355 option 2